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Sexual and gender diversity

(Diversidad sexual y de género)

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This is a general term that refers to the multiple possibilities that derive from sexual diversity (orientation and intensity), from gender expression and identity, and its combinations. This is an alternative to using the acronym, for example LGBTIQ+, which includes the different types of this diversity.

This expression is a response to the use of sexual diversity, which only accounts for orientation and omits the diversity arising from sexual intensity, gender expression, and gender identity.

The most common use is sexual and gender diversity. There are other alternatives, including sex-gender diversities or sex, gender, and family diversities, where family diversity is included to revindicate families, and parenthood experiences of these populations. 

The inclusive communication survey revealed greater preference for any version of the acronym (58% of the 83 participants) to refer to this sector. However, during the consultations for this Reflectary, participants mentioned that it is important to go beyond the debate regarding the use of the acronym or a generic term to address the aspects, issues, concerns, and revindications of these populations. Rather, for them it is fundamental to use both resources according to the characteristics of the audience, particularly the familiarity with the terminology for these identity issues.

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