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Webinars and workshops

In these spaces, theory and practice converge harmoniously. The audience easily learns to implement inclusive communication tools in Spanish to tell stories about people and for people, but also with people. How do we achieve that?

  1. Exploring useful and simple tools to apply on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Working on examples and cases adapted to each corporate context.


Coming soon: webinars and workshops in English!

Explore all the options MODII has to offer! 10 alternatives to activate social change through the power of words:

Webinar 1

Inclusive communication
  • Introduction to inclusive communication: messages that question, take you out of your comfort zone, and include.

Webinar 2

Non-sexist language
  • How to use a non-sexist and gender respectful language.

Webinar 3

Gender equality
  • How to convey messages about women from a rights-based approach.

Webinar 4

Sexual and gender diversity
  • Communicate with pride: messages about sexual and gender diversity.

Webinar 5

Sexual and reproductive health
  • Activate social change through words: sexual and reproductive health.

Webinar 6

  • Walk away from the adult-centric approach: convey messages about youths.

Webinar 7

  • Narrate from empathy: convey messages about disability.

Webinar 8

  • Change your perspective: messages about the environment from a non-anthropocentric approach.

Webinar 9

  • Activate social change through words: represent migration.

Webinar 10

Tribal and indigenous peoples
  • Question to transform: convey messages about tribal and indigenous peoples.

With MODIIyou will activate social change through language.

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