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(Persona que juega)

Primer plano de dos manos que sostienen el control de mando de una consola de videojuegos.

This refers to the person taking part in a game or group sport. There are various types of games, including motor-related, symbolic, electronic, of rules, etc. The games can have different objectives, such as providing entertainment, fun and joy, stimulating physical or social skills, or even as an educational tool.

According to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, playing is a right. As such, playing is considered a key part of full development during childhood and adolescence since it stimulates imagination, contributes to emotional well-being, and fosters cognitive skills.


UNICEF. Aprendizaje a través del juego.

Photo credit: Bruno Henrique

Este contenido se elaboró sobre la base de las reflexiones y sugerencias de una usuaria de MODII: Carolina Panero, traductora de inglés-español especializada en localización de videojuegos.

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