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Icono Diversidad sexual y de género



Ilustración de personas que bailan. Algunas lo hacen solas y otras con dos o tres personas.

Pansexuality is a type of sexual orientation where the person feels attracted to all types of genders: feminine, masculine, and non-binary, among others.

The origin of the word pansexual is traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. It is linked to pansexualism, which Sigmund Freud used to describe that the majority of human behaviours derive from sexual instincts. Etymologically, the prefix pan in Greek means ‘all, every, whole, all-inclusive’.

This sexual orientation tends to be mistakenly confused with bisexuality. However, there are notable differences. A pansexual person feels that sex and gender are unimportant concepts, and they focus their relationships on an emotional and intellectual aspect. This sets them apart from a bisexual person. Also, a pansexual person can feel attracted to subgenders beyond the binary ones, such as transgender or transsexual people. The word pansexual can be used as an adjective: I am a pansexual person.

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