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Icono Diversidad sexual y de género



Ilustración de dos manos que separan el símbolo de mujer y de hombre del lugar donde estaban unidos.

This refers to a person whose body is outside the sexual binary. Being intersex is not synonymous with having any type of medical issue. Intersexuality occurs naturally and is not related to sexual orientation or gender identity. An intersex person can feel like a manwoman, or neither, and they can feel emotional, sexual, or romantic attraction for people of one or more than one gender.

The term hermaphrodite is considered offensive and is no longer used to refer to intersex people. However, an intersex person can refer to themselves as hermaphrodite without implying a pejorative use. 

Currently, we have a better understanding of what intersex means. As a result, there is an increasing number of people who have not undergone a gender surgery at birth. This achievement by the intersex community allows people to create their own sexual identity freely and without any type of imposition. The term intersex is relatively new and is constantly evolving.

MODII can help!

MODII can help!