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Ilustración de una mujer y un hombre parados al mismo nivel sobre las dos bandejas de una balanza.

Gender refers to a set of social, cultural, psychological, or political characteristics, among others, attributed to a person according to the sex they were assigned at birth. Gender is not a static or innate concept; it is a sociocultural construct that has varied and will continue to do so throughout time. The use of the concept was promoted in the 1970s to denounce the inequalities between men and women, and expose that these inequalities are a social construct and not a biological characteristic. 

In terms of sexual and gender diversity, a lesbian woman is not perceived by society in the same way as a white gay man. For example, there is an entire industry dedicated to gay-friendly business, which includes lesbians. However, lesbians are given secondary importance.



Photo credit:GoodStudio

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MODII can help!