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Gender identity

(Identidad de género)

Primer plano de dos mitades de rostro, uno femenino y el otro masculino

This is a deep understanding that a person has about whether they feel like a man, woman, neither, or both. This concept attempts to eliminate gender binarism and promote sexual diversity and a satisfactory personal development.

Gender identity may or may not be compatible with the sex assigned at birth. For example, trans people do not identify with the sex they were assigned. It is a fundamental human right to freely exercise the choice of gender identity.

Gender identity must not be confused with sexual orientation or the sex assigned at birth. Gender identity involves cultural, social, and subjective factors regarding an individual’s personal concept of self. In contrast, sexual orientation considers a person’s desire or interest for another person, while sex refers to biological factors.

Gender identity includes cisgender people who identify with the sex they were assigned at birth; non-binary or transgender people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth; and genderqueer people who revindicate  gender identities and expressions without specifying which one.


Guía para el tratamiento periodístico responsable de identidades de géneros, orientación sexual e intersualidad



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