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Icono Diversidad sexual y de género

Gender expression

(Expresión de género)

Un patito de goma en la línea divisoria de un fondo cuyo color es mitad rosa y mitad celeste.

Gender expression refers to the way that a person uses their personal appearance, expressions, and other gestures to communicate their gender.

Gender expression may include any combination of gestures: feminine, when it refers to what is culturally understood as woman; masculine, when the expressions are related to what is culturally known as man; or androgynous, when the manifestation of the gender expression is feminine and masculine, or it alludes to a non-traditional pattern.

In contrast to sexual characteristics that are marked by biological sex, gender identity can vary voluntarily or, at least, to a certain degree. Some features that contribute to gender expression include clothing, accessories, hairstyle, make-up, or the way a person walks and talks. In addition, the name, pronoun, or title that a person uses to refer to themselves can be considered part of their gender expression.




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