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(Decrecimiento )

Ilustración del planeta Tierra con ojos y boca que expresan tristeza y llanto. Sobre el planeta, hay desechos, latas y residuos tecnológicos.
This term generates extensive debate in academia and civil society. This theory questions the paradigm of economic growth from the quantitative and qualitative perspective; it aims to prioritize social and environmental values above economic accumulation.

It is based on the belief that it is impossible to continue with the current rhythm of economic growth and indefinite material accumulation within a finite biosphere. It responds to a reality that includes exceeding planetary boundaries ; depletion of energetic resources; climate changes; deterioration of ecosystems; and the imbalance of natural cycles.

This concept is ideologically and politically charged, and it questions the existing economic model and proposes the need of moving towards one that is more sustainable and equitable to prevent ecological and social collapse.

This initiative emerged in the 1980s and does not propose employing degrowth in the same way in all regions of the world. Instead, degrowth implies a significant responsibility from the most developed countries. And, it must pay special attention to the various existing territorial realities and social inequalities so that it does not lead to greater inequality but, rather, equality.

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