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Climate crisis

(Crisis climática)

Figura de reloj de arena. En el compartimiento inferior, hay un gran fuego. En el compartimiento superior, el mundo se derrite a causa del calor.

The term climate crisis is commonly understood as an extreme situation of an imminent environmental and social catastrophe resulting from climate change with an anthropogenic origin.

The term refers to a serious situation that is altering the earth’s natural balance and that risks life on Earth. The concept emphasizes the need to take urgent action to reduce or halt climate change and prevent serious and permanent environmental damages and a global catastrophe.

On the other hand, climate crisis implies a transversal approach. It does not focus solely on the climate phenomenon and its consequences, but also on the social sphere. It gives special importance to social inequalities and vulnerabilities and it is connected to the other crisis in the world.

Climate crisis is the most commonly used term by civil society organizations and in the press, which were consulted in Spain and in Latin America. In these sectors, climate crisis and climate emergency are often used as synonyms. It is sometimes used interchangeably with environmental crisis. It is not used in the business sector since the term is considered disruptive. By including the word crisis, it is not well received by the private sector.

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