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Icono Diversidad sexual y de género



Ilustración de hileras de hombres con traje, que cruzan por la senda peatonal. En el centro, hay una mujer con el cabello suelto. Es la única persona que viste con colores.

This is the set of ideas, beliefs, and culture that support the criterion that men are predominant over other genders and other sexual orientations. It also normalizes the nuclear family as the only acceptable family unit.

The concept of man in this social construction is identified as heterosexual and cisgender. Any person that is within this concept has a level of privilege.

As with cisheteronormativity, this belief and idea is considered a type of discrimination centred on male chauvinismo towards women and the LGBTIQ+ collective, as it makes sexual diversity and people who do not identify with this belief invisible.

This word, which is part of queer theory, emerged in the 1980s and 1990s as a social complaint. Its use was generalized mainly by feminist women who were gender or sexuality dissidents.

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