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Biological sex

(Sexo biológico)

Un banano, cáscaras de banano y medio pomelo.

Biologically defined sex is determined by a person’s reproductive system and their physiognomy. In other words, based on their genetic, hormonal, anatomic, and physiological characteristics.

As such, when a person is born they can be:

– Woman: with XX chromosomes and a female reproductive system.

– Manwith XY chromosomes and a male reproductive system.

– Intersex: with a combination of masculine and feminine chromosomes.

Sex does not determine sexual orientation or gender identity. In practice, sex is used to establish a differentiation between people within a polarized binary system. Sex should not be confused with gender, since gender refers to a set of social, cultural, psychological, or political characteristics, among others, attributed to a person according to the sex they were assigned at birth. Also, sex simply alludes to biology.



Organización Mundial de la Salud.

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