Sexual and gender diversity

In this reflectary, you will find key terms on LGBTQI+ recognition and self-identification, multiple expressions of diversity, and stigma and discrimination.

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Primer plano de un cubo de Rubik gigante en la vía pública. En algunas de las secciones del cubo, hay una variedad de signos de mujer y hombre, solos o combinados.

Sexual orientation

  Sexual orientation (Orientación sexual) Sexual orientation is defined as the emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction towards others. Sexual orientation is not the same thing as the biological sex assigned at birth or gender identity. Sexual orientation goes from exclusive heterosexuality (desire and attraction towards a person of the opposite sex) to exclusive homosexuality (desire and attraction towards a person of

Dos figuras de madera se abrazan y entrelazan las piernas y los brazos.


Sexuality (Sexualidad) Sexuality is an integral part of each person and it is present throughout their life, and it is an essential part of their identity and personality. It encompasses sex, gender identities, gender roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy, and reproduction. Sexuality starts to develop during childhood and it is discovered through masturbation, which is the stimulation of their

Primer plano del semblante serio de un joven que apoya la cara y las manos contra una red.


Stereotype (Estereotipo) These are generalized opinions of certain social groups based on certain characteristics, such as ethnicity, age, sex, gender, profession, physical appearance, nationality, and social class, among others.  They represent qualities that are positively or negatively viewed by society; these representations do not necessarily align with the actual reality of each person. In this sense, stereotypes categorize people based

Tres personas sentadas en un sillón; solo se les ve el tronco y las piernas. Un hombre y una mujer se toman de la mano. A su lado, hay una persona embarazada. Sobre una mesita, hay tazas de café, documentos y unas ecografías.


Surrogacy (Gestación subrogada) Surrogacy is a fertility technique where a woman or a person with uterus carries the child of another person or couple. This person is called the surrogate or gestational carrier and the ones who hold parental responsibility are calledintended parents. The technique consists of creating one or more embryos through in vitro fertilization and implanting them into the surrogate’s

Diecisiete cuadrados con el nombre y el símbolo de cada ODS más otro cuadrado con el símbolo de la ONU y la leyenda «Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible».

Sustainable Development Goals, SDG

Sustainable Development Goals, SDG (Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, ODS) The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a set of global goals established to protect the planet, eradicate poverty and inequality, and ensure a sustainable future for humanity. They are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, resulting from a long participatory process. The Agenda was adopted on 25 September 2015

Primer plano de la palma de la mano de una mujer, en señal de detención. Fuera de foco, está la mujer en un bosque.


TERF (TERF) This acronym means trans-exclusionary radical feminist. The use of this term, which generates controversy and debates, is on the rise on social media. For some sectors, it is used in a disparaging manner to refer to gender critical feminists. For others, it is merely a description of feminists who advocate for the rights of cisgender women and who do

Una bandeja con seis huevos. Cinco de los huevos son blancos y tienen dibujada una expresión de fastidio o enojo. Los huevos dirigen la mirada hacia el sexto huevo, que es marrón, y tiene expresión de preocupación.


  Tokenism (Tokenismo) This is the practice of including and engaging minority groups and collectives, but only in a symbolic and superficial way. The neologism comes from the word token, which means symbol. This is a discriminatory practice precisely because it is based on avoiding accusations of prejudice and discrimination. It pretends to be diverse, but with no intention of

Cartel colgado en una pared con el icono de una persona dividido en dos: una mitad tiene un vestido y la otra pantalón. Debajo, se lee «seres humanos» en inglés.


Trans  (Trans) The word trans is a broad term that encompasses multiple gender expressions and different identities such as transgender, cross-dresser, transvestite, or transsexual. It is used to refer to people whose identity does not correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth. Sometimes, trans people require hormone treatment or surgeries to construct their body identity; this is not

Símbolo de la transexualidad, con un puño en alto en el medio del círculo.


Transfeminism (Transfeminismo) Transfeminism is a part of what is known as new feminisms. It expands the subjects considered within feminism to include others who are also oppressed by cisheteropatriarchy, who are not necessarily cisgender women. The movement understands the concept of gender as a social construction used to oppress and exclude.  Transfeminists identify patriarchal oppression not within genders themselves, but in the inflexible binary system ‘man/woman’

Ilustración de cinco personas que representan diversidad sexual y de género. Una sostiene la bandera del arcoíris y otra tiene una remera que dice LGBTQ.

Transgender person

Transgender person (Persona transgénero) Transgender is a broad concept often used to refer to people whose identity does not correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth. It should not be confused with transsexual. Transgender people do not necessarily undergo hormone therapy or surgeries to modify their physical characteristics. The concept of transgender emerged in the 1970s as a critique of

Dos manos entrelazadas por el dedo pulgar contra un cielo celeste. Las manos están pintadas con el color del arcoíris.


Transphobia (Transfobia) This is the term used to define the prejudice, discrimination, and irrational feelings, as well as negative attitudes, towards people that identify as trans. In this sense, transphobia is a type of transhate. Some examples of transphobia include addressing a person with the incorrect gender; ignoring the pronoun they prefer to use, known as misgendering; systematically and simultaneously

Primer plano de un hombre transexual que lleva anteojos, camisa, chaleco y pajarita o corbatín.

Transsexual man

Transsexual man (Hombre transexual) A person who was born with a female reproductive system, yet psychologically and vitally they identify with the masculine gender. Transsexual men may aspire to affirm their gender identity through surgeries or hormone replacement therapy to adapt their anatomy and adopt a masculine gender. In terms of sexual orientation, a transsexual man can feel attraction towards other men

Ilustración de una persona que se quita una máscara con el rostro de un hombre y se queda con rostro de mujer.

Transsexual woman

Transsexual woman (Mujer transexual) A person who was born with a male reproductive system, yet psychologically and vitally they identify with the feminine gender. Transsexual women may aspire to affirm their gender identity through surgeries or hormone replacement therapy to adapt their anatomy and adopt a masculine gender.  In terms of sexual orientation, a transsexual woman can feel attracted to other woman and identify

Primer plano de una persona que se mira al espejo mientras se pone pestañas postizas. Tiene el rostro maquillado y tatuajes en los brazos.


Transvestite (Travesti) The word transvestite encompasses various concepts. The first meaning refers to a person who occasionally or repeatedly wears clothing associated to the opposite sex, in public or private. The difference with a cross-dresser is that a transvestite person does not perform any entertainment-related activity. The second meaning is a person who feels a discrepancy between their gender and

Mujer sentada en cuclillas en un campo. Viste ropa deportiva y usa una prótesis en la pierna.


Woman (Mujer) In biology, the term is used for a female human; this means a person who has a female genital system or a female reproductive system (vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vulva). These biological characteristics establish a social and cultural construct of the meaning of woman. Historically, a person is only a woman if they have the qualities that