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Drag queen 

(Drag queen)

Drag queen en el Desfile del orgullo gay en Torremolinos, España. Lleva un vestido, un abanico y una corona con plumas en la cabeza.

Drag queen refers to a man who uses women’s clothing and make-up with comical, satirical, or dramatic intentions for performances. Their intention is not to imitate women , nor do they necessarily have a specific sexual orientation.

Within the drag culture, there are different typologies, including: comedy queens, who have exaggerated feminine features; pageant queens, who wish to highlight feminine beauty and participate in drag queen beauty contests; club kids, who represent the masculine within the feminine (for example, they use blue beards to indicate delicate and female physical features); and, finally, dark queens, who have a gothic aspect and whose intention is to scare by, for example, using eyes that are completely white.

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